Solar Telemetry

Solar Telemetry

Remote data acquisition and system control is of paramount importance to the mining, oil & gas, and many other industries. Having real-time information at your fingertips and remote control of your plant reduces cost and increases personnel safety. Reliability, adaptability and design intelligence are essential in ensuring the best outcome.

Auto Control Systems have designed and deployed remote systems that provide real-time, wireless data over hundreds of kilometres for major mining, oil and gas customers across the world. Harnessing the unlimited power of the sun, our remote telemetry systems can provide you with virtually any kind of data feed; from a basic counter to a full-fledged control system with two-way communications.

Using state-of-the-art components, we design, build and commission every system to ensure maximum performance and reliability. We use only the best equipment, made to handle the conditions the system will operate in. To reduce the chance of incorrect wiring during third party installation which will inevitably destroy sensitive equipment, our remote systems are designed to be installed and activated through a simple ‘plug-in, switch-on’ process. Fully modular, instruments and control parts can be added and removed as needed – each unit can be adapted to its new task without major redesigns, enabling faster deployment and lower asset overheads.

Remote telemetry has a number of benefits that will help your business operate with lower overheads and increased safety. No longer will distant sensors and instruments need to be read manually – meaning reduced risk to those travelling great distances to record data. Furthermore, problems that may arise will display alerts within a matter of seconds rather than hours or even days, thereby preventing losses in materials and equipment. Maintenance scheduling can also be managed with far greater accuracy – devices can automatically notify their need for servicing.

The sun provides limitless energy, captured with one, two, or as many solar panels as needed for your system. Auto Control Systems only uses quality panels that are made to last in the harshest environments. With extensive experience managing solar powered systems, we provide reliable solutions that will keep your system on-line. even in areas where there is little sunlight.

All our designs are built from materials that will last in harsh environments. Fully stainless steel systems can be provided or, if necessary, galvanised and powder-coated mild steel can be used. Everything we build is IP65 rated and UV stabilised. Batteries are heat tolerant and sealed for maximum longevity.

Auto Control Systems builds systems that have stood the test of time in some of the most inhospitable places in the world like Siberia, Mongolia and Australian and African deserts. Our reputation for producing quality products that tirelessly provide benefits to our customers is what sets us apart. Meticulous research and the backup of the worlds finest producers of sensing equipment and instrumentation means our confidence is your confidence.

For your next remote telemetry and solar powered systems, talk to Auto Control Systems. When precision and quality matters, we deliver.

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