The Auto Control Systems team take pride in our ability to deliver innovation, diversification and outstanding customer service for companies throughout WA.

Every project we undertake demonstrates our commitment to unsurpassed excellence, and providing automated solutions which increase productivity, enhance efficiency, reduce overhead costs and increase profits for our clients. Below are case studies and brochures with information on a range of our automating capabilities.  Please contact us to find out more information about the automated solutions Auto Controls could create for you.  

ACS – Automation Partners
ACS – Awareness
ACS – Camera Solutions
ACS – Corporate Brochure
ACS – Electrical Services
ACS – KNX Automation
ACS – Machine Safety
ACS – Mobile Automation
ACS – Rockwell Centreline 2500 MCC’s
ACS – SD-3 Fluid Monitoring
ACS – Solar Telemetry
Gecko Gripper Datasheet – June 2018
HEX-E Sensor 2.0 Datasheet- June 2018
HEX-H Sensor 2.0 Datasheet- June 2018
Kuka – Robotics Range Brochure
OnRobot – RG2 Brochure
OnRobot – RG2 Gripper Datasheet
OnRobot – RG6 Brochure
OnRobot – RG6 Gripper Datasheet
OnRobot Brochure 2018
RG2 Gripper Datasheet – June 2018
RG2- FT Gripper Datasheet – June 2018
RG6 Gripper Datasheet – June 2018
Robotiq – Product Sheet – 3F
Robotiq – Product Sheet – Adaptive Grippers
Robotiq – Product Sheet – FT300
Robotiq – Product Sheet – Wrist Camera
UR Brochure March 2018
UR e-Series – Announcing Key Benefits
UR e-Series – Brochure Oceania
UR e-Series – G3 Comparison Chart
UR e-Series – UR10e Fact Sheet Tech Specs
UR e-Series – UR3e Fact Sheet Tech Specs
UR e-Series – UR5e Fact Sheet Tech Specs
UR10 CB3 Datasheet 2018
UR3 CB3 Datasheet 2018
UR5 CB3 Datasheet 2018

Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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