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Three years ago, Managing Director, John Watts was scrolling through LinkedIn and came across an old contact who had recently change his status to Retired but ‘Open to work’.

The timing couldn’t have been better.  Auto Control Systems were continuing to grow at a fast pace plus John knew there were even greater opportunities in market to realise ACS’s growing offering.

After a rewarding career across a number of different industries, Graham Warren had retired from the State Territory Manager position he held at 3M Australia.  However, it didn’t take long for Graham to miss the energy and excitement of the industry hence the fateful decision to change his status to – ‘Open to work’.

The rest is now history.  Graham joined ACS as the Business Development Manager responsible for MCCs and has worked side by side with John, Andrew, and Rob to grow the ACS offering and customer base for the last three years.

When asked about the biggest changes he has seen during his time at ACS, Graham didn’t hesitate.  “Clients are so impressed with our technical offering but just as importantly our solution focused approach.  We are very fortunate to have Directors who allow and encourage the team to explore opportunities and solutions – it’s extremely rewarding for both employees and our clients.”

Graham remarked at how the ACS offering has grown over the three years he has been with the company and sighted his excitement and pride surrounding the recent delivery of a product the company has been working on for some time – The Allen Bradley Centreline 2500 Motor Control Centres.

ACS are currently Installing these fully functioning Motor Control Centres, that comply with the new AS/NZS 61439-1 and 2 IEC/TR 61641:2014 standards, inside customised sea containers for transport to mine sites.  The feedback from our clients for this product has been very rewarding.

“Engineers are impressed that everything is in the one board.  It saves space and provides improved safety for their personnel.  It has been such a fantastic project to be a part of.  Not just working with our internal team but also our terrific partners at Rockwell.” commented Graham.

When he isn’t responding to tenders Graham invests time speaking to client’s engineering teams about the issues they are facing and then working with the ACS team to deliver solutions that work.

“I have really noticed our awareness and reputation in market grow quite significantly.  Companies are seeking us out to discuss their situation as they know we bring the rare mix of technical ability with solution focused thinking,” said Graham.

Graham has announced he is retiring and with the current growth of the business this provides a great opportunity for his successor.

“This role offers so much excitement for someone who is looking to grow and develop themselves and their career.  You won’t find a stronger team first culture and it really does feel like family, there is genuine care amongst the team,” commented Graham.

Talking further on the major opportunity he saw in the role, Graham said,

“One of the most rewarding parts of the role is talking to clients about different ways of doing things that ‘have always been done this way’.  Robotics is a great example.  The perception is they take people’s jobs so must been viewed as a threat.  It’s quite the opposite.  They are a fantastic solution for tasks which pose a safety risk for people and allow for a company’s skilled workforce to be allocated to much more technical roles that robots can’t perform.  We show clients that automated processes can be faster, safer and more profitable.”

In three years, Graham has played a major role in growing Auto Control System’s offering and client base.

“We can’t thank Graham enough for his time, energy and passion during his time here at ACS,” said John Watts.  A lot of the ideas he’s had and the relationships he’s formed are now coming to fruition which is extremely exciting for everyone involved.  He has certainly laid the foundations for his successor to hit the ground running.”

If your LinkedIn profile is showing ‘Open to work’ then expect a call from John!  Otherwise, if you are looking to supercharge your career with a company that enjoys a reputation for having a wonderful team first culture but also is delivering innovative projects across the globe then this is the role for you.

For a confidential conversation please email our Sales Manager Rob Nunn,

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