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This project involved working as a sub-contractor to a major hydraulics company. They were contracted to conduct a ground up rebuild of a winch/winder unit. Auto Control Systems originally quoted to replace the obsolete PLC system on the winder with a new system utilizing current technology. However as the job progressed the scope of work increased to a complete machine rewire. This involved designing and integrating the engine’s electrical system with the PLC system. Auto Control Systems engineers and auto-electricians worked to achieve a complete system that met the client’s requirements.

Auto Control Systems was able to complete the project within the required time frame. We also worked with the client to resolve the issues that normally occur when a complete redesign takes place, in a timely manner to meet project deadlines. The winch is now back in service onsite and has had no operational problems. Approximate value of the project was $75,000.


Technology Used


  • IFM Controller
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Encoders, Flow Sensors
  • Hydraulics Controls

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