Awareness Collision Detection Systems

Auto Control Systems and IFM have partnered to develop the “Awareness” Collision Detection and Driver Awareness systems to provide a layer of protection that ensures the safety of staff and contractors on site.

The demands placed on mobile equipment has never been higher, with expectations for greater efficiency growing year-on-year.  As a result, our vehicles and operators are continually being put at risk.  The machines themselves are getting larger, and the projects they are being used for are becoming more complex.  Blind spots are an inevitable problem for the operators.

Jumbo 3D Sensor Area Denial System (ADS)

Two 3D sensors and illuminators are mounted to the top of the cab facing down and outward. The system then detects people, vehicles and objects in front of the Jumbo, displaying a 2D video image on-screen. Your Nipper switches remain the primary system to ensure the hydraulics are disabled when the Nipper needs to pass the front hydraulic jack points.

The 3D system is there as a back-up for when the Nipper switch was not activated or failed. The system should not interfere with the operator’s daily operation.

Enhanced Camera System (ECS) for Loaders

ECS detects people and vehicles behind the Loader when reversing. Doubling as a reverse camera, a 3D sensor is mounted at the rear of the vehicle and detects objects, people, or other vehicles.

The 3D sensor uses an optical system which measures the distance between the sensor and the next surface with the aid of an additional Illuminator. The sensor then uses the information to work out the coordinates of the object so it can determine how close it is. The system controller then processes this information and alarms the driver. With a sensor range of up to 15 metres, the automated alarm increases in urgency as detection moves closer.

Proven Safety

The system has been trialled extensively by one of the world’s largest hard rock underground mining services companies, with great results. Auto Control Systems doesn’t compromise on safety, and we can guarantee that implementing Area Denial Systems across your fleet will meet, and where required, exceed the legislative requirements.


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