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Automated robotic welding used to be exclusive to large manufacturers that required high volumes of identical welds in their production workflow. Today, due to the development of collaborative robotics, robotic welding offers significant advantages to production companies large and small.

SmoothTool is an easy-to-use cobot welding package that helps your welding robot deliver the perfect result – by learning from you.


Easily build complex welding paths

Weld any shape you want by combining linear and circular paths. Easily set up simple or complex welding paths in the intuitive SmoothTool programming interface.


Customizable weaving patterns

Adjust the parameters to achieve the perfect weaving pattern for your weld.


Add weaving pattern with just a few clicks

Choose the weaving pattern you like and apply it to all or some of your welds in your program with just a few clicks.


Use your preferred power source

We are compatible with every welding power source brand. No matter what you’re running, you can use SmoothTool with your existing power source by choosing from our integration options for manual and robotic welding power sources.


With SmoothTool, you can put your welding robot to work without the need for complex programming and deliver a flawless result every time:


  • Multipass welding – Easily create a weld consisting of multiple passes
  • Offset welding – Copy and offset welds in X, Y, and Z direction and any rotation
  • Stitch welding – Control your stitch weld with parameters
  • Weaving – Add weaving patterns to both linear and circular paths
  • Angle system – Simply type in the desired work- and travel angles
  • 3D universe – Visualize and touch up your welding program in 3D
  • Power source agnostic – Use your preferred power source
  • Programming flange – Use the programming flange to show your robot how you want the job done

If you’d like to hear more about SmoothTool or see a live demonstration in our Welshpool workshop, please contact Rob Nunn –


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