Industrial automation is the future of manufacturing and processing. With machines replacing manual labour, assembly or manufacturing plants and other related operations enjoy a number of benefits, which include savings on business costs, economised energy usage, increased output and finished product consistency and quality. Installing an automation system, however, is not as simple as replacing a worker with a machine on a 1:1 basis—it takes a lot of careful planning to get a system right, with the entire concept and design custom built to serve the specific needs and purpose of the required operation.
Auto Control Systems offer a range of services centred on process control technology, automation and robotics. We provide a full service to our customers, from the selection of hardware to planning, designing, building, commissioning and maintenance. Auto Control Systems enjoys strong relationships with world-class industrial automation companies whose products have proven indispensible in virtually every possible situation. Our solutions will be tailored to suit your budget, time frame and will integrate into existing systems with a minimum of downtime.

Auto Control Systems has a vast range of knowledge and experience working in multiple industries:

01. Mining

Working with some of the largest global mining companies, Auto Control Systems is at the forefront of developing solutions for a wide range of applications.

02. Manufacturing

Auto Control Systems provides precision solutions to an industry where sub-millimetre accuracy can be the difference between success and failure.

03. Food & Beverage

Food and hospital grade items must meet the most stringent standards. Auto Control Systems delivers the best possible outcome every time.

04. Water Treatment

Building, monitoring, controlling and maintaining systems that keep the most essential element to life – water – pure and clean for everyone.

05. Renewable Energy

Energy efficient systems which care for the environment. Auto Control Systems leads the way in energy reduction measures.

06. Transport

Safety and reliability – two of the most important factors in transport systems. Auto Control Systems is at the forefront of this technology.

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Auto Control Systems has developed solutions for a host of mining, manufacturing, food & beverage, water treatment, renewable energy and specialist industries. Siberia, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mongolia and many other countries all have Auto Control Systems designed and built solutions at work. We confidently send our products and solutions anywhere in the world knowing that their design has taken into account extreme working conditions to maximise reliability and longevity. Our approach to producing such high quality equipment includes drawing on an expansive set of skills and disciplines within the automation, instrumentation and electrical engineering fields.

Our customers are provided with a total solution that is the envy of other automation companies; in fact, we are often called to fix a mismanaged project that another automation company has been unable to complete. Automation does not come in the form of a one size fits all solution, but in a system that has been optimised and custom made for its user. Our company prides itself in its ability to find exactly what our clients need and address them with a solution specific to them. We make sure we provide the best solutions by remaining at the forefront of automation systems and the technology around them. Our staff regularly participate in training to keep ahead of the changes in automation systems which gives them the ability to provide the most up-to-date advice to customers.

Auto Control Systems based in Perth, Western Australia offers clients Australia wide bespoke automation solutions. To discover how we can help simplify or streamline your business processes, you may either visit our contact us page and send your inquiries through the web form, or call us at (+618) 9258 4555.

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Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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