Hazardous Areas

Explosive atmospheres require competent people. In an industry where one mistake can mean disaster it is important to have people you can trust to design, certify and install your electrical equipment.

Auto Control Systems are specialists in:

  • Hazardous area classification
  • Hazardous area design
  • Hazardous area installation

Don’t trust your life and the lives of your employees to just anyone.  At Auto Controls we understand the challenges in this area caused by a lack of knowledge from overseas and local suppliers.  We constantly find the following serious mistakes and challenges when we come to site:

  • ATEX equipment is not suitable for use in Australia (without a Conformity Assessment Document)
  • Intrinsically safe equipment (Exi) is no use if you don’t have a barrier
  • Ex equipment needs Ex cable glands
  • You can’t have self drilled holes in Ex boxes
  • You need certified plugs in the spare holes
  • Equipment certified for use in gas (Zone 0,1,2) doesn’t automatically qualify for use in dust (Zone 20,21,22)

To learn more about our hazardous area solutions or any of the other products and services we offer, do not hesitate to get in touch by calling (+618) 9258 4555. You may also send us any questions you have by filling out the inquiry form on our Contact page. Auto Control Systems is based in Welshpool, Perth Western Australia and is proud to service businesses in areas throughout Australia as well as international clients.

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