KNX – Building Automation

KNX is a protocol standard for building control systems. Almost every electronic device in a building can be controlled through a KNX system, and those that aren’t electronic by nature, can often be adapted to allow KNX control. A proven standard, KNX is a globally recognised protocol and retains more than 70% of the building automation market in Europe.

The KNX protocol is the most accomplished building automation and control standard whether in a family home, a multi-storey office complex, a sports stadium or virtually any other building. Control of entertainment, lighting, HVAC, access, security, windows, blinds and a host of other devices makes KNX the most versatile method for building automation.

With more the 20 years of experience in the market, KNX was formed to unify building control systems in order to enhance the quality of the products and services designed for building automation. The result is an open standard that has given rise to a multitude of outstanding products from companies who have built this protocal into their devices. This means that any device carrying the KNX logo guarantees their interoperability with other KNX devices. KNX is approved as an International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3), a European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) and Chinese Standard (GB/Z 20965). Worldwide, KNX is the only open standard for commercial and residential building control.

Auto Control Systems is one of only a handful of businesses in Australia authorised and certified to design and install KNX controls systems. With completed projects for government and private enterprise, we have the experience and depth of knowledge that enables us to achieve a better outcome for our customers. With staff fully KNX accredited, our design and installation team produces outstanding results that will not disappoint.

Auto Control Systems has undertaken numerous KNX projects, from large to small, each receiving the same attention to detail. Our KNX solutions are engineered to be robust, as maintenance free as possible, use quality parts and be easy to use.

Considerable energy savings.

Today, energy efficiency is of increasing importance to every business and household. Having the ability to automate systems that will help save energy coupled with products that use less energy, such as LED lighting, can bring substantial benefits. For example, lighting and heating/cooling are only switched on when needed, like during business hours, according to time profiles or even with presence detection systems. Furthermore, lighting can be controlled automatically relative to daylight intensity, thus maintaining a specified minimum brightness throughout the building. With KNX, all devices communicate through one common language, independent of the device manufacturer, meaning less wires, simpler install and better control.

Auto Control Systems can design and build a system that works across standard communications mediums: twisted pair, radio, power-line & IP/Ethernet. Devices connected to the central control are able to exchange information and behave according to parameters set by the user.

Flexibility and adaptability.

KNX installations are easily adapted to new applications and by their nature are extendable to incorporate new devices. These devices can be easily connected to the existing bus installation without having to perform extensive rewiring or reprogramming.

As a KNX Partner, Auto Control Systems is an approved designer and installer of KNX systems. The team will engineer and install a KNX solution for your next project giving you assurance in the quality and reliability of the system they deliver.


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