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The Western Australian manufacturing industry is embracing technology at a rapid rate as a key pillar of its strategy to keep manufacturing here in WA.

We’re seeing this shift with a high increase in recent robotic sales for multiple applications including machine tending, welding, routing and surface finishing.

A high portion of this activity can be attributed to the State Government’s announcement late last year of a $92.4M suite of incentives to boost local manufacturing.

The fastest growing manufacturing companies are unlocking the power of automation to increase efficiencies and to make their workplace safer. We are proud to be playing a key role in their growth by providing a complete automation solution using the world’s leading automation technology.

Our partnership with our clients starts right at the beginning, gaining a deeper insight into their processes and systems. From there our highly experienced team of Engineers develop a process, engineer and implement the solution from which we then provide training, maintenance and ongoing support.

If you would like to discuss how we can help automate your systems and processes please contact the team.

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Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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