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If your company isn’t currently looking at better ways of working, then you may not be up-to-speed with the latest developments in lean manufacturing. Becoming lean as a business outfit can help you cut costs by being less wasteful, which in turn enables the business to be more energy efficient.


What is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is the term used for eliminating waste from the manufacturing process. Most businesses have room for improvement by utilising manufacturing best practices. The idea is to maximise productivity by reducing or removing waste materials while maintaining production. This results in overall improvement in productivity, as well as freeing up resources for innovation.


Let it flow

Providing the space for lean manufacturing to occur is often the cornerstone for change to begin to occur. By incorporating these changes with sensible energy saving techniques, time and money can be saved. A careful audit and scrutiny of all aspects of a business must be carried out in order to understand what is working and, more importantly, what isn’t.

Once this has been done, it’s time to begin evaluating and charting all processes to better understand the precise areas of wastage. Once these processes have been mapped out and analysed, any existing issues that interfere with creating a leaner manufacturing workspace can be pinpointed and either eliminated or streamlined.


Eradicating waste

Waste takes many forms. One of the most crucial aspects of any lean operation is the eradication of waste, which can manifest itself in many ways. Waste can be processes that are too cumbersome or inadequate, as well as faults or errors that occur due to outdated or faulty equipment being used.

In order to effectively eradicate waste in the workplace, every area and level of manufacturing needs to be appraised and assessed. Have staff spot inefficiencies and propose ways to improve systems, and outline the benefits to them. Once staff understand the benefits of this new way of working, waste will decrease and productivity will grow.


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