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Robotics and automation systems have been implemented for manufacturing in almost every industrial sector; but food manufacturing was an exception to this trend and has only recently started to implement these systems. The reasoning behind the late uptake of Modern Technology and automated systems is that by their very nature, food products differ significantly in consistency and shape which posed a challenge for automation.

Steve Davis, Ph.D., is a lecturer in manufacturing automation and robotics at the University of Salford, UK and hypothesises that “manual operation will likely continue for particular markets and products, but this will be interspersed with islands of appropriate automation.

“The overall shape and nature of the industry will be determined by market forces, but the automation industry has an important role to play by providing technology that will ensure the sector continues to meet the demand for readily available, high-quality and affordable food products.”

By implementing automated processing procedures in the food and beverage manufacturing or processing industry, quality, consistency and safety has improved tenfold. As global production demand has increased, larger companies realised the benefits of automation, particularly for packaging and pallet filling. This full implementation means that there is now improved safety, quality and profitability by optimising process monitoring and control.

Here’s some examples of how automated processes can work in the food industry:

  • Primary meat processing – cutting, de-boning, portioning, tray loading and boxing
  • Dairy processing – cutting, slicing, moulding, de-moulding, turning, spraying and boxing
  • Cereal processing – dosing, toping, spacing and mixing and boxing

But that’s not to say that smaller organisations can’t also benefit from automated processing procedures! The problem facing smaller businesses is that there’s a lack of awareness for automation solutions and the benefits they can provide.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, there are plenty of options to customise your existing infrastructure! At Auto Control Systems we can develop and implement automation solutions for business of all sizes. Customisation is all about finding tailored solutions for your specific circumstances – no more, no less.

Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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