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Auto Control Systems is one of only a handful of Australian businesses authorised and certified to design and install KNX control systems. We have to say, with its versatility and open protocol approach, KNX is the superior building control system in the Australian market and the world.

KNX’s building automation protocol allows control of all aspects of the built environment. We’re talking simple lighting control (responsive to time, light availability, staffing numbers) to fully automating a commercial building.

Here are our top five reasons KNX building automation is the superior choice:

  1. Lighting for life

THINK: dimming, scene selection, time scheduling, control, and energy savings

We love to get the flow of light and human occupancy to work in harmony. When your building is empty, you can program the lighting to detect human presence, when your building is occupied you can have peace of mind that lighting levels will create an optimum working environment. If you have feature lighting in your building, be assured that different scene selections will set the desired lighting effect to attract people into your building.

  1. Frame your view

THINK: blind and curtain control

Automate the opening of blinds and curtains in your buildings and start your day with a beautiful view; by controlling this remotely, you can offset solar gain, part-closing blinds to ward off the hot summer sun, creating a reduced need for air-conditioning.

  1. Say no to switches

THINK: smooth, switch-free walls

As the KNX system controls so many aspects of the building, you will need fewer keypads and switches, ensuring you don’t compromise the interior design. You can even match the socket and other wiring accessories to create a seamless electrical installation.

  1. Control your environment

THINK: Control your air conditioning, forced air, air circulation fans

KNX is ideal for managing all types of heating and cooling. Designed to handle complex heating systems, KNX ensures set points are met accurately and with the least energy possible.

  1. Visual access from anywhere

THINK: Building management software with different pages for users, administrators, and guests

KNX gives remote access from mobile devices (iOS or Android) which makes sure you will be the first to know if there are any issues in the building.

These are just a few of the reasons we love KNX systems. As specialists in KNX, Auto Control Systems have extensive experience in the design and installation of these systems, from small-scale commercial and industrial settings to the enhancement of some of Perth’s biggest projects.

Contact us for more information.

Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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