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Many businesses within a broad range of industries are currently considering when they should implement automation within their business. The motivation to reduce costs, increase productivity and maximise profits are increasing across the manufacturing industry, however ensuring the downtime is minimised during this implementation is a major factor which businesses consider when making their choice. Minimising downtime is important for all business when any new process is introduced to ensure profit loss or production isn’t affected.

Preparation – It may sound simplistic but integrating automated solutions can be as simple or as complicated as the engineers wish to make it. Often those who prepare meticulously will end up with the smoothest implementation and integration.

Experience – Make sure you have experienced, highly skilled personnel on board to handle the integration. This is not one for rookies due to the nature of the work and the costs associated to the company. The end result should be a reliable, efficient and cost saving enhancement that can be turned around relatively quickly.

Right solutions – Implementing the right solutions for your company goes hand in hand with preparation and experience. Those in the know will carry out researching and testing to ensure they have the right automated solution in place and tweak if necessary to achieve greatest efficiency.

Business requirements – Understanding your company’s business requirements is essential to the overall success of the integration. Not understanding these requirements can result in delays which can set the project back resulting in a dip in morale and focus.

Operations Management – The management of your operations plays a crucial role in the integration of automation. Knowing each and every process and component inside out will enable a smooth transition and also keep the production line moving. Depending on what your business is, this function can also be automated which would generate more real time data being delivered to decision makers.

Communication – Like all aspects of life, communication is also key in the workplace. It is crucial to communicate with colleagues pre-implementation to ensure downtime is minimised when integrating automation. Whether is it flagging potential risks or highlighting concerns or alternatives, effective communication can be the difference between a competent and effective integration and a protracted turnaround resulting in costly downtime.

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