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Automation has changed the way industries have managed many elements of their business processes for years. This has lead to huge benefits across many sectors, benefits that include increased production which has in many cases surpassed initial targets set by management.

This is obviously good news but it can be a challenge for business owners too, a challenge not only to reduce costs but also to understand where automation can be implemented in order to help bring those dollar signs down.

If you are considering the automation of production systems or even energy efficiency and power quality options within your business, you give yourself the opportunity to benefit in a variety of ways.  Life is increasingly busier nowadays and if you can identify areas in your business that can be automated and allow for an improved work/life balance, then it should be pursued. Automation and robotics can work to win back some time for both managers and staff, while allowing everyone to use their time more effectively.

Some of the benefits of automation are;

  • Creating more time for employees by replacing tasks with automation
  • Developing an automated action that can execute everyday tasks with greater precision
  • Increase reliability in the workplace
  • Reducing work related fatigue and therefore the risk of injury as automation performs mundane tasks formerly carried out by employees
  • Increased productivity

How to decide where automation can be of assistance?

While there may be some areas within your business where an automated solution is obvious, sometimes a more thorough analyse may be necessary to identify where automation can be used and to increase productivity in the workplace.

Ask yourself;

  • What activities occur daily that could potentially be automated? – Every company has tasks that are operated by staff that could easily be automated reducing pressure on employees while also increasing efficiencies and productivity.
  • Can I analyse each and every activity and see what options it produces?
  • Does my plant operate using manual intervention? Whether it’s turning on fridges or cold rooms, physically tending to tasks or reporting on line performance, automation can assist you become productive.


At Auto Control Systems Perth we are leaders in the field of automation and are perfectly positioned advise on all control systems for buildings and manufacturing. Contact us for a tailored solution and how we can help you achieve greater production in your industry.

Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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