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Working in a high-pressure environment with heavy machinery requires the full concentration of all staff members to ensure workplace accidents can be avoided. More and more businesses are opting for automated solutions to not only bring greater productivity to the team, but to create a safer, more compliant and injury free work environment.

At Auto Control Systems Perth, we specialise in technology that helps you and your business become more efficient while increasing the level of safety in your place of work. Workplace accidents are never a positive and come at a huge cost to employees and employers who are not only faced with the loss of a valued, skilled member of staff but also in terms of the compensation and lost time injuries.

Here are some tips to help you make your workplace safer.

  • Analyse your plant or workplace and find out where robotics or automation can replace areas where human behaviour can result in a dangerous working environment or accidents.
  • Automation can free up workers who can then delegate repetitive tasks to automation control system and allow them to channel their efforts elsewhere
  • It is becoming highly acceptable to rely on robotics for work deemed as dangerous. This means risks placed on humans are being reduced in the workplace.
  • Employ robotics in areas such as packaging and welding, areas where there is a high percentage of repetitive strain or a high risk of sparks coming in contact with the body.

Thanks to the rate of accelerating technological advancement, we are seeing robotics more prevalent in the workplaces of industries such as manufacturing, mining, construction and transport.

Workplace is of utmost importance for every company whereby manual labour and human operated machinery take place. We have all seen or heard of some workplace accidents that have occurred over time that could have possibly been avoided if the correct procedures were followed, if there were additional safety measures in place or if automated solutions could carry out these dangerous tasks.

Contact the specialist team at Auto Controls for a tailored solution and learn how we can help you achieve greater safety in your workplace today.

Auto Control Systems is dedicated to providing clients with innovative automation solutions customised to suit your specific application

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