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Technology is all around us, wherever you go and whatever you do, technology is now as much a part of our lives as the weather or getting from A to B. Automation is the beating heart of this phenomenon and is beginning to flex its technological muscle in every industry.

In the workplace environment, technology and automation is becoming increasingly prevalent with employers looking at how best to employ automation so they can free up their experienced employees for more meaningful tasks that require that human touch.

So how can we get the most from our staff and their wealth of experience?

Communicate – If you don’t understand what skills your staff have, you’re not really positioning yourself to be flexible with your workforce or even know what they can do beyond the tasks you ask them to perform day in, day out. It is vitally important to communicate with your workers and understand if they are being challenged.

Delegate – Now that you have analysed where automation or robotics can help you and your business, you can delegate new responsibilities to your staff. Your team have worked for years with you or other companies and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience built up. Nuggets of information that no machine or automated system could replicate. Delegate more to them and use those extra hours to find new business or make changes in your own.

Upskill – Many people see automation as a threat to employment for millions globally but as an employer and as employees, we must continue to upskill ourselves to ensure we are ready for the change that is up ahead. When automation becomes wide spread, opportunities will present themselves elsewhere but if the skills have not been acquired, then those opportunities may be lost.

Value technology, respect experience – As you begin to see an increase in your productivity and efficiencies, take some time to evaluate. Remember that you and your employees have built the company and brought it to where it is. It is important that we value technology but that we must always respect experience too. Knowing how to use technology in the best possible way is probably more valuable that acquiring it in the first place.

Contact us for a tailored solution and how we can help you achieve getting the most from your staff and their wealth of experience.

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Latest News

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