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Sustainability implies the continued pursuit to be more efficient by utilising fewer resources, whilst being conscious of the impact on the environment.

Making positive environmental changes within business and its operations can work towards creating a more sustainable workplace. Sustainability increases efficiency and productivity, reduces the environmental impact and lowers operating costs whilst increasing the value of the assets of the workplace.

Analysing your workplace to determine how positive environmental changes can be implemented is crucial to determine the areas where your business’s carbon footprint could be reduced.
Buildings are the foundation of any business or organisation, and the automated technology is available to provide solutions to ensure workplaces operate at peak efficiency in a sustainable method. High energy costs are characteristically one of the largest areas in terms of expenditure for businesses, and this is a key area where automation can be implemented to alleviate the outlay.

LED lighting has been largely effective in reducing energy costs for companies around the globe, often by up to 50%. LED lighting is a lot more energy efficient and last a lot longer than alternatives. The efficiency of the light itself can be augmented through automation by adding sensors which ensure the light is only activated or turned on when necessary.

Other areas where you could look to save energy and costs within your business include power factor correction, active harmonic filtering, daylight harvesting, solar or lighting control.

Ensuring the efficiency within processes is done through regular services of machinery to make sure they operate at peak performance and maximise energy saving capacity. It is increasingly common for businesses to utilise machines which are of incorrect scale for the work and by simply reducing their size could save energy and money without sacrificing the quality of production.

Automation plays a large role in the manufacturing industry when taking into consideration the longevity and future of business. It is an investment and provides operational efficiency for businesses through utilising existing employees more proficiently and delivering a larger output, whilst cutting costs therefore delivering long term sustainability.

Contact Auto Control Systems for a tailored solution and to find out how we can help you achieve a more sustainable business.

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