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Efficiently running a company in terms of profit margins is very important. However, ensuring you don’t risk the safety of your employees on your site is not just as essential, but a real responsibility.

The adherence to safety guidelines and requirements is crucial to ensure the safety of employees, especially in danger-filled industries with heavy machinery and combustible materials.

What are Hazardous Area sites?

Hazardous area sites are workplaces in industries that use combustible dusts or combustible liquids and other explosive elements. An area where an explosion is possible is deemed an ‘hazardous area’. These sites are predominantly in the oil and gas and mining industries. Chemical storage facilities, sewage treatment plants, and any other sites that have explosive materials are major hazardous areas.

Managing hazardous area sites

Managing hazardous area sites at your workplace can be complicated, so having expert advice in regards to the correct safety certifications and guidelines is essential. One of the major tips to making your hazardous area workplace safe is to ensure that all machinery is correctly installed from the initial get go. Ensuring all the electrical equipment complies with the current Australian regulations and standards is essential.

By failing to comply with the regulations, you are putting your employees at risk. Their lives are in your hands at your site. If you fail to meet the standards your company may not be covered by your insurance.

Get expert advice from professionals

It is almost impossible as a business owner to fully understand every aspect of hazardous area safety risks and regulations. The most important tip you will get in regard to keeping in line with hazardous area site health and safety requirements is to find an expert company that specialises in keeping work zones safe.

An expert firm can ensure you have the requisite health and safety certification for hazardous area sites such as IECEX certification. All sites of these types need to have everything in place to not only avoid potential dangers but to ensure they are covered in the event of an accident.

Auto Control Systems are experts in hazardous area accreditation. Through their extensive experience identifying zones, the design and installation of hazardous area equipment across a multitude of industries in line with the current regulations. When it comes to safeguarding your employees’ lives, it’s essential, and the law, that you provide a safe and accredited workplace at all times.


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